See YOU soon. . . | Poznan, Poland | VLOG 535

12 Wyswietleń
Won't officially announce it for a while. . . . but I took a lot of you all's advice and opened a Patreon account today, just for those who want to play a bigger role and help out even more!! Not sure how to set up the Tiers, but I will do a Youtube Live soon and get your advice on that in the near future :)

Contact me ANYTIME!!! I Love hearing from you all!

INSTAGRAM: LukeLifeCharms

SKYPE: Luke Lifecharms


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People keep asking me how I learned to vlog, and I learned from many different people, and because of you all I have written a book about it!!

It's everything I have learned in the last few years of vlogging! Enjoy it!!



Q & A Just few common questions I get asked a lot.

Whats your name? Luke Fitzgerald

Where do you live? France

How tall are you? 6 ft 8 or 2’02 for those of you all here overseas

Where do you work? I play Professional Basketball here in Europe

How many languages can you speak? French, English, Spanish (working on getting better at spanish) and a little German

What made you start Youtube? You all!! I wanted to find a way to express myself more and to share my world with you!

Any other questions you have, feel free to ask me :)

Are you still reading?? Seriously? Haha your awesome!! Thanks for taking the time to do that! :)
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